Instant messaging and VPN in one application


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Wippien is a Jabber IM client that combines chat conversations with the setting up of virtual private networks between users.

The networks you have access to with Wippien range from the program’s own network to networks of other popular instant messengers like MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, ICQ, IRC, Gmail, and VJUD.

As on any other IM client, on Wippien you can have chat conversations with friends and acquaintances. The text-formatting options are very easy to use: increase letter size, change text and background color, bold, italics, hyperlinks, emoticons, etc.

The best part of Wippien is undoubtedly that it lets you create a VPN with other users who also have the program. This lets you access devices connected to the remote computer, including their desktops and files.

The coding algorithm used by Wippien to encrypt conversations is AES, so you can stop worrying about security.
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